Sweet Sugar Bitter Results

Sweet Sugar, Bitter Results

We Indians share sweets on festivals and occasions and the sweet itself has become a symbol of happiness for us. Treating yourself on sweet once in a while is ok and required too for health reasons but consuming it on daily basis can have negative side effects. Soda is one of the main sources of sugar for people. The sugar in beverages gets absorbed by the human body quickly too.


Let’s see some of the negative effects sugar has on your body:


1. Spikes your insulin:


Sugar releases insulin into a body which regulates blood sugar. Soda increases a lot of glucose and insulin in the body rapidly. On regular use, the body develops resistance to insulin looking for a higher dose to be effective. As a result, the body’s metabolic health deteriorates rapidly.


Sugars that occur naturally like in fruits do not have the side effects as they are coupled with fiber allowing slower absorption.


2. Diabetes:


Insulin resistance developed in the body forces pancreas to produce more insulin as the body has got to a high amount of insulin you have taking through soda and other means. Soon the pancreas gets fatigued and stops producing adequate insulin leading to type 2 diabetes.


3. The gain in Weight:


There is a high correlation between sugar consumption and weight gain. You need some amount of sugar for energy but the rest gets stored as fat leading to weight gain and obesity. The reason for this is pretty complicated but is thought to be due to the low-grade inflammation due to obesity and insulin resistance.


4. Blood Pressure and heart disease:


Sugar is related to high cholesterol leading to heart disease. High intake of sugar increases a particular lipid called as Very Low-Density Lipo-Protein (VLDL) that is associated with heart diseases. The “good cholesterol (HDL)” that protects you from heart diseases is also reduced by sugar.


Insulin resistance also causes hypertension which then affects your kidney and arteries. Some centers in the brain that control blood pressure are also impacted by this.


5. Increase in hunger:


Since sugar does not have any real nutrient in it the body feels hungry even after consuming a sweet dish. This inadvertently leads to consuming more food than actually required affecting health in other ways. Calories from sugar do not satiate the hunger and especially when consumed in liquid form.


6. Teeth decay:


Bacteria simply love sugar and have a gala time feasting on it. In the process of eating the sugar stuck in teeth, they release an acid that affects the enamel of the teeth making way for them to penetrate to the deeper layers of tooth structure. The decay in teeth is one of the ways and diseases diabetes gets revealed.


7. Depression:


Sugar is the top food to make your depression worse. High sugar intake increases the glucose level in blood which worsens mood and makes you irritated and aggressive. It also leads to sleep irregularity and increases inflammation.


Instead of sugar-based off, consume protein or carbohydrate based food.


You are what you eat and hence the importance of consuming the right food. Consume small amounts of sugar once in a while and cut down on regular basis to stay healthy.


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