Stress and Remedies

Stress and Remedies

When you put pressure on anything, it responds in various ways nature designed us to. Small animals immediately get alert when they get a hint of a predator around and prepare themselves for flight. Humans start perspiring and become anxious when they are pressurized into situations or they feel danger. The mind immediately prepares the body to gear up by flooding with hormones and increasing the heart rate. Your first presentation or first date or serious matters are few of such situations we normally face in daily life. It is simply nature’s way of preparing us for the situation and nothing else.


If stress is natural then why has it become a hot health topic?


Well, you cannot leave in a state of fight or flight with an increased heartbeat and sweating. The heightened situation is a response to perceived danger and should not become a way of living. If you work continuously under pressure or have a stressful lifestyle you have what is called as chronic stress. This leads to a feeling of fatigue or even “catastrophizing,” wherein you get negative thoughts about your pain regularly. This emotional and physical negativity starts hampering with your work and life and further escalating the worsened situation. Prolonged exposure to a chronic situation can lead to depression and irritability.


What should you do?


The key lies in being happy. As per research, for every point improvement in happiness when measured on a scale of 5, heart-related diseases dropped by 22%. This means you should spend the time to keep yourself happy which could be sports or anything of your choice. In other words, stay away from anything that causes stress. Lets’ look at how you can reduce stress systematically:


1. Identify the source of stress


Simply monitor your day and make a note of situations and reasons that stressed you out. Understand what, when, where and how of your mood swings. With this prioritize your life’s commitments and remove unnecessary ones.


2. Build strong relationships


A good and happy relationship can be a source of positive energy eating away all your stress. The best example is when at the end of your day you go back home and feel relaxed with your spouse and kids. On the other hand, when you go back home and face a deteriorating relationship, it adds on to stress. Hence, the emphasis on strong relationship in life to reduce stress.


3. Walk away when angry


When you see your temper rising, simply count to 10 in mind and if things still do not solve, walk away from the situation. Go out for fresh air and maybe come back to solve it afresh. In the angry state, you won’t be able to solve the problem and will do more damage than good.


4. Relax


Try relaxing your mind and things will change in a good way. As per research, more than 40% of men stay awake at night due to stress. A good sleep is all you need to work the next day and an open mind for new things. For all this, you need to rest your mind.


5. Seek help


If you still are not able to solve the stress issue, get professional help or even talk to family and friends. Keeping the stress to self will never solve it. A counselor will be able to identify the source of the problem and provide you the right direction to live a stress-free life.


Stress has almost become a modern day epidemic and you need to make sure you are not affected by it. If you are experiencing stress on a regular basis it is time you started thinking of the direction you are taking for your health.

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