Benefits of Waking up Early

Benefits of Waking up Early

Are you not a morning person?


You could be missing a lot from life for that few extra hours of sleep. The late start of the day keeps the whole day to lag behind and impacts the next day too. Instead, plan your day to wake up early and seize the day. Go for that walk you had planned with your spouse or read that book which has been put on hold due to a busy schedule. Below are few things you could possibly due if you wake early:


1. Exercise:


Hit the gym or the running track and sweat out some calories to make you fit for the day ahead. People generally miss out on health benefits for a shortage of time and waking up early is the best solution for this. The morning exercise will make you relaxed and reduce stress. This also frees you from the evening routine which you might have scheduled for exercise which can be utilized for a family.


2. Healthy Eating:


Cook a nice breakfast for yourself and family in the morning. This will keep satisfied and curb your cravings for the day. As per research, people who slept till late consumed more than 248 calories a day, twice the food amount and half the amount of fruits and vegetables than people who woke early. Late sleepers showed higher Body Mass Index (BMI) early risers.


3. Control your mood swings:


Studies showed that people who wake early have a positive outlook and feel happier and satisfied than those who woke late. They feel that they are in charge of the day and not the other way. Early risers also can plan long-range goals. All this may be because their internal clock is aligned with the rising and setting up of the sun.


4. Feel less anxious:


Remember your days when you wake up late and had to rush through everything just to be in an office on time. You arrive late in the office and everything goes downhill for the day. Instead, make a habit of waking up early to reduce the anxiousness of the day yet to hit you.


5. Look good, feel better:


Waking up early allows you time to spend the time to make you look good and feel better. It could be as trivial as clipping your nails or polishing your shoes or even ironing your shirt. Putting yourself together also has better professional rewards which you might be surely aware of.


6. Avoid the crowd:


Leaving 15 minutes early for office can save your day. On the other hand, if you get caught in the crowd or the traffic the whole day goes for toss before you have eve reached your desk. Treat yourself to a nice cup of coffee on the way to an office and you are all set for the day.


7. Improve your productivity:


Once you reach your desk 15 minutes before others, you can then plan the whole day and start with a fierce concentration. All this gets lost in the cacophony of the meetings and calls. The improvement in productivity has benefits in many areas of life as you are able to enjoy your work and feel happy and relaxed.


Stop hitting the snooze button and wake up early to claim your day.

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